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Trigg vs Lawler Tonight in Hawaii

Matt Hughes put it best when he said, "It's great for the fans to have a fighter they hate, someone to root against and as long as Frank Trigg's in the sport they've got their man."

I admire Trigg's skills and power but he certainly is a great heel. You can see him up to his antics in the photo below or on video at Sherdog.

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Trigg talks about his strategy for getting into Lawler's head at Full Contact Fighter:

"I can stand with Robby if I need to, but believe me, if I get hurt one time, I'm definitely going to jump in there and get this fool to the ground," he said curtly.  "He's a guy that tends to like to move a lot more and likes to do stuff.  He gets pretty nervous, he's a nervous fighter and if you put him in a weird spot he'll try to jump on it."

We'll see if Trigg's gamesmanship is enough to beat the powerful Lawler. My money's on Trigg, but my heart's with Robbie.