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Even the Jerk at World Golf Gets It

Why oh why can't ESPN figure it out? William K. Wolfrum of says:

Mostly, however, I will give MMA fans this - regardless of how humorless they appear to be, they get completely screwed by the mainstream media. For the life of me I see no reason for sports pages to avoid covering UFC bouts. If a sports editor is willing to dedicate precious column inches to the Arena Football League and the Skins Game, then it's ludicrous to not give the same coverage to big MMA bouts.

Case in point, I just now saw that Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight crown. Now, whether you like the sport or not, this is a pretty huge deal. Couture is 43 and been through a lifetime of battles, and he beat the hell out of a younger, MUCH bigger Sylvia. If you're going to give Evander Holyfield coverage for beating some bum at the age of 44, you really need to give Couture coverage for dominating a guy like Sylvia. It's the kind of story any sports fan would appreciate.

MMA fights aren't everyone's cup of tea. But neither is golf for many, especially when there isn't a Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie in the field. Nonetheless, MMA is a valid sport. I've actually had phone interviews with both Couture and Sylvia, and found them to be interesting guys that are dedicated to their sport. This isn't professional wrestling (or Bum Fights).

Are UFC bosses and its fans often guilty of hyperbole? Of course. But the whole "let's pretend they don't exist" attitude on the part of the nation's sports editors is elitist. It's a valid sport, with a solid fan base. It's time sports editors caught on to that.