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UFC 68 Live Blog & Open Thread

About to start. I hope the PPV works!

Here's the card with my picks. Leave your picks in the comments.

Jason Lambert vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral -- Babalu by submission
Update [2007-3-3 22:29:24 by Kid Nate]: They're in the ring. Lambert is looking pretty good. Babalu looks trim and mean. Babalue picks him apart standing and gets the takedown. Babalu in Lambert's 1/2 guard. Lambert gets full guard. Babalu pushes Lambert toward the fence for some GnP. They're scrambling. Babalu passes. Gets Lambert's back. Lambert's defending. Back to their feet. Great job by Lambert to survive. Good uppercuts in the clinch by Lambert.
Lambert rocks Babalu with a right hook! Babalu in trouble at the end of the round. Saved by the bell. What a turn around!
Lambert looking fresher to start round two. Bablu throwing knees. Lambert gets take down. Scrambling. Babalu gets back up. Another takedown by Lambert. He's in Babalu's 1/2 guard. Babalu gets guard. Lambert doing GnP. Babalu cut. Lambert making no attempt to pass. Big John stands them up. Babalu runs into a big left. Lambert gets the KO. Big win for Lambert. Bad night for Babalu. : (

Matt Hughes vs. Chris Lytle -- Hughes by ref stop in 2
They're coming in the ring. Lytle to some speed metal. Hughes to Hank Jr.
New ref. Not sure I like that. Hughes looks intense. Lytle calm. Lytle throws a flurry. Hughes gets take down. Lytle has guillotine, only one arm in, 1/2 guard. Hughes breaks the hold. All ground, no pound so far. Hughes passes, goes for a nexk crank. Lytle gets butterfly guard. Rogan calls it "grappling chess". Hughes to side control. Trying to pin Lytle's arm. Lytle gets head scissors! Hughes going for arm bar. Lytle saved by the bell.
Round 2. Hughes gets takedown. Has Lytle up against fence, gets side control. Lytle is surviving. Hughes raining elbows. Not getting clear shots. I wouldn't be surprised if Hughes breaks a hand punching the top of Lytle's head. Hughes gets mount. Lytle gets on top! Hughes in guard. Hughes going for kimura from bottom. Lytle goes for arm bar to reverse kimura. Lost position, Hughes on top in side control again. Bell rings.
Round three. They circle. Hughes gets the takedown. Passes to side control. Working for the finish. Hughes going for americana. Loses it. Ref should stand them up. Alot of ground not much pound. Hughes goes for an arm bar. Lytle ends the fight in Hughes' guard. We're headed for a unanimous decision.

Rich Franklin vs. Jason MacDonald -- MacDonald(!) by sub in 2

MacDonald comes out to Bob Segar. Yuck. Thinking about changing my pick over that. Franklin comes out looking very intense. Not wearing the pink and brown shorts this time. Good call.
MacDonald not intimidated by Franklin's intense stare down. They're circling. MacDonald gets a leg. Franklin avoiding takedown. Franklin escapes, unloads. MacDonald pushes Franklin to fence. Franklin spins to outside. A tight clinch, not much punching. Bad to middle of ring. MacDonald down. Franklin throwing punches down. MacDonald survives, back to his feet. Gets Franklin's leg. Gets Franklin down! Franklin reverses. End of round.
Round 2. They're back out. MacDonald dives for an ankle. Franklin resisting the takdown. Gets his leg out. Back to the sparring, Franklin throwing hard shots. MacDonald gets another leg, loses it but gets Franklin's back. Franklin holding one ankle to prevent MacDonald getting triangle. Franklin to side mount. Franklin gets knee on stomach. Moves to mount. Pounding. Gets MacDonald's back. More pounding. MacDonald may survive the round. Saved by the bell. Not so fast -- MacDonald's corner throws in the towel.

Tim Sylvia vs. Randy Couture -- Sylvia by KO in 3
They're in the octagon. HOLY HOLY F***N SHITE!!!!! Randy nails him and gets the knock down with the first punch. Gets Sylvia's back. Fighting for the rear naked choke.
Not much action. Rogan giving an impassioned speech against standups. Sylvia is recovered from being stunned but Randy still trying to choke him from the back. Sylvia survives the round.
They're back out there. Randy doing well in the standup. Gets the clinch. Pushes Sylva up to the fence. They're a tusslin' Randy gets the takedown. Go Randy! Sylvia in the guard. Randy standing tall, getting some shots raining down on Tim. Tim's going to survive another round. Stand up with 0:30 left. Randy gets another take down. WAR COUTURE!!!
Sylvia looks stunned in his corner. Round three. Randy clearly has trained very well for this fight. Beautiful head movemtent. He's beating Tim on the feet! He's nailing Sylvia with right hooks. And ducking Sylvia's jabs. Uh oh, Randy's getting tired. One minute left in Round 3. Randy wins another round. Sylvia will now have to get a KO to win.
Round Four. Randy shoots for a double, gets stuffed. They trade knees. Randy gets the trip!!! In Sylvia's guard. Big John stands them up. Another take down. Randy to side control!! Minute left in the round and Randy gets mount. Sylvia reverses, gets top, leaning on Randy. Back to their feet.
Matt Hughes looks panicked in Sylvia's corner. One more round and Randy is the champ. Round five. They're both tired. Sylvia is throwing hooks. They're clinching. Another take down! Randy in Sylvia's 1/2 guard.
Sylvia goes for a leg lock. Randy spins out. Gets back to side control. Randy is 3 minutes from a unanimous decision. Randy working knees and elbows from the top. Minute fifty left.
Rogan: "He is MAULING Tim."
Randy gets mount with 1:30 left.
Sylvia fights to his feet. Oh no!
Randy gets the takedown!
Thirty seconds left Randy in Sylvia's guard. Ten seconds left.
Only in MMA could we have a story this exciting. This is the sport of the 21st Century.
Eddie Bravo: "Complete Ownage. Complete domination.
WAR RANDY COUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!