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BodogFight marches on

MMAFighting's been by far the best at covering the BodogFight television series.  MMA On Tap is pretty good as well.  That just goes to show you can't get all of your MMA news from Sherdog and MMAWeekly alone.

Alas, the show is still having problems and not just from a production standpoint.  Notable quote:

Episode seven features two more heavyweight fights. On the world side, fighting from Tokyo, Japan, Jarno Nurminen (0-0) will fight Sang Su Lee (2-1). There isn't much information available on these fighters; they're quite new to MMA. However, in my quest for more information, I stumbled upon their MMA records. Unfortunately for me, and I hope this didn't happen to too many other viewers, but the result of this match was posted before BodogFIGHT even began last night. This fight, according to the unnamed site, took place on Oct. 10, 2006. I was pretty disappointed to see the result because it makes watching the fight more difficult, but I was glad I tuned in because the fight wasn't half bad.
Overall this is an improvement, but yikes, are they really using a fighter making his professional debut for the television series?  Are they really that hard up for fighters to fill a season's worth of shows?  Maybe he's got fights elsewhere and our incomplete fighter databases haven't picked up on fights they've had.  Even so, these aren't exactly the more seasoned fighters from the first season.  Pick up the pace, fellas.