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UFC Getting Serious?

They're not just trying to monopolize the fight game, they're also bringing in serious PR firepower:

McGuire said that while the hybrid-fighting matches are and would probably remain popular among 18-34 males, R&R's charge is to "grow from the niche target audience and make it a more viable product for all demos and educate sports fans on the sophistication of the sport." Because the fighters use combinations of martial arts, wrestling and boxing, there are many nuances influencing how fighters are rated and appreciated, he said.


"What intrigued [the UFC] is what we did for the definition of Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority," said Mary Ann Mele, partner and chief strategic officer at R&R.

Great, maybe these PR slicksters can get the word out that this is a legit sport and I won't have my bosses looking at me like I'm into dog fighting anymore.

Meanwhile, how serious can they be when they don't release a pretty solid event like UFC 57 on DVD and then put out a terrible event like UFC 61. Why Dana, why?