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Zuffa buys Pride, take 320,752

Over at Fight Opinion, Zack Arnnold has a good breakdown of where Zuffa stands re: PRIDE buyout and evaluates the likely outcomes of the rumored deal.  Notable quote:

  • UFC does an asset purchase of PRIDE from DSE.
  • UFC does an asset purchase of PRIDE from DSE and Zuffa LLC starts their own subsidiary organization to run PRIDE in Japan.
  • UFC invests money into a new shell company that takes moneys from investors and transfers DSE's PRIDE-related assets (including DSE employees) to the new shell.
  • UFC signs a co-promotional agreement with a new shell company that takes over the PRIDE assets. In short, a talent-exchange agreement.
I think speculation on this deal is silly at this point.  In the span of little more than a week we've gone from the clear, specific "Zuffa buys PRIDE" to the endless unspecific iterations of "How Many Different Ways Can Zuffa buys PRIDE?"

That's not to suggest anything about the strength or probability of Arnold's projections.  I just think the flow of information from the DSE offices is an admixture of one part leak, two parts communication strategy, and one part investigative discovery.  For my money, I'm waiting to see what's signed on the dotted line.

Suffice it to say, if any of the information being relayed is even remotely correct, there should be no wonder why this deal isn't as clear or concrete just yet.  The details are messy and convoluted with factors influencing the outcome from angles similar to Middle East diplomacy challenges.  Zuffa better take it's time with this one.