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The 70% Rule

Dana White poo poos rumors that UFC is buying their biggest competitor, PRIDE:

UFC president Dana White told Saturday night in Las Vegas that there is not a concrete deal in place for Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to purchase PRIDE at this time.

When questioned about reports claiming PRIDE president Nobuyuki Sakakibara had informed his American staff that PRIDE was in the process of selling to the Fertittas, White quipped: "I ran Wanderlei Silva (Pictures) out there and said he was going to fight Chuck Liddell (Pictures) because Mr. Sakakibara said it was done. So take that for what its worth."

White was adamant about the lack of a deal despite the flurry of reports claiming an agreement had been reached.

"Like most things," he said, "about 70 percent of what you hear is bullshit."

Meanwhile PRIDE's biggest asset may be going BoDog and a new competitor looms on the horizon.

I wouldn't worry too much about BoDog Fights. Not only does the show pretty much suck, but the billionaire boss probably won't be out and running free too long.

Ayre will need the protection. So far as the U.S. Justice Department is concerned, the chief Bodog has got to be one of America's most wanted. The reason is visible to anyone who takes a tour through Ayre's Costa Rican home. Located a half-hour helicopter ride away from the coast, on the outskirts of San José, the Costa Rican capital, the Bodog "compound" is a 10,000-sq.-foot, $3.5-million bachelor pad. The centrepiece is the pool with a swim-up bar and a waterfall where Ayre likes to perform backflips for admiring guests. An interior bar, this one chrome-plated, features photos of King Bodog with such famous female celebrities as Paris Hilton and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Then there's the custom Harley with front forks that spell out "Bodog" in tiny rubies. Tanning by the pool is Ayre's requisite eye candy -- this time it's Lindsay, an Arizona "model" Ayre flew down to San José after she sent him photos of herself through email.