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B.J.'s Good But He Ain't Evil

Those were the words of then UFC lightweight champ Jens Pulver at UFC 32 after watching B.J. Penn demolish Din Thomas with a standing knee. Pulver went on to tough out a five round decision over B.J. at UFC 35. Since then their destinies have gone in different directions.

Pulver fell out with the UFC and abandoned his belt. After B.J.'s snoozefest draw with Caol Uno in a mini-tournament to claim the empty belt, the UFC retired the division for four years.

In the mean time both fighters fought Takanori Gomi.

Here's B.J. destroying Gomi in 2003:

And here's Little Evil getting eat up by Gomi's power punches:

You tell me who's going to win their rematch at the TUF 5 Fight Night.