Lee Murray, Bad Man

Former UFC fighter Lee Murray just got 8 months in Morocco for a variety of drug offenses. But he's wanted in the UK -- FOR THE 2ND LARGEST ROBBERY IN WORLD HISTORY!

Lee Murray, a former mixed martial arts fighter who's fought in events around the world including once in the UFC, and is now wanted in the UK for the largest cash robbery in the nation's history, was sentenced yesterday to eight months in a Moroccan jail for unrelated crimes.

British police have begun extradition proceedings against Murray, who is suspected to be the mastermind of a group that stole $105 million in an armed hold-up of a Securitas cash depot in Kent, England one year ago today.

Murray was originally arrested in Rabat, Morroco in June on drug and assault charges and has been jailed since then. That jail time has been applied to his sentence, making the punishment effectively time served, though he also must pay a fine imposed by the court. It is not known if he will be held pending extradition hearings.

Because Murray, whose father is Moroccan, has dual citizenship, it is unlikely he will be extradited, as the country's law prohibits the extradition of Moroccan nationals.

Kent police chief constable Mike Fuller yesterday said, "We may have to hold a trial in Morocco."

The Kent News, however, recently reported that Murray could be returned to the UK in exchange for suspected terrorist Mohamed Karbouzi, who is wanted for questioning in Casablanca bomb attacks that killed over 40 people in 2003.

The cash haul is believed to be the world's largest known peacetime theft, eclipsed only by the looting of Iraq's central bank following the beginning of the U.S.-led war efforts in 2003.

Here's some video of him fighting, what a talent, what a villain!

And a comment from that same YouTube page:

wot the public dont know growing up in SE18, the same as murray, lee was the most poweful drug lord in south east london and had a whole army of enforcers. he made more money from drugs than UFC, but not more than if he got away wid the robbery.

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