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Welcome to Bloody Elbow -- Let's Get it On

My friends at SB Nation are justifiably proud of their network of sports blogs, but I've been harping on the glaring, gaping bloody hole in their coverage -- the fastest growing sport in the land, Mixed Martial Arts.

Well it's put up or shut up time because they have given me a blog.

It's an awesome responsibility to cover MMA for SB Nation and I'll do my best to not let down the sport or the warriors who participate in it.

I've been a rabid fan of mixed martial arts since I saw UFC 6 live on pay per view way back in the day.

I lost track a little bit around 2000-2001 -- the "dark ages" of the sport -- when you couldn't even see the events on PPV.

But I've been as obsessed as ever the last couple of years and want to invite everyone to join in the conversation.

The scoop blogging platform is the most powerful community blogging software in the world, I think fight fans will like it.

War MMA!