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Bloody Elbow Exclusive: Mike Brown Defeats Manny Reyes, Jr.

American Top Team continues it's humiliation of Manny Reyes, Jr., the UnderGround's all-time most hated forum poster and self-defeating professional fighter.

The most recent ownage comes courtesy Mike Brown last night at PXC in Miami, Florida:

Mike Brown (ATT) took on Manny Reyes in the Main Event.  After a quick feeling out period, Mike shot in and easily took Manny down. Mike went right to mount where Manny tried to hang on tight. Mike made space and landed short punches to the face of Manny. Mike kept at it as Manny tried to turn out with Mike on him like a vice continuing to land punches. Manny eventually turned and Mike sunk in the rear naked choke for the tapout win. MIke went about this fight in a professional manner, and  was dominant from beginning to end.

I asked Mike Brown for the back story and his analysis. Here is his response in his own words:

They were trying to find me a fight with only 1 week before the fight. I didn't think they were going to find anyone. So i was partying a bit just a few days before the fight. then the day before the fight I was training and they stopped me and said "Hey Manny contacted us and is looking for a fight."  I said ok what weight?? they said 160. so it was done.

I honestly expected to KO or submit him in the first round and that's what happened.

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