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Quote of the Day -- Guida vs Huerta

But all that is water under the bridge -- water you'll be leaping into when this debate is finished. Guida has lost several times; Huerta has lost only once. Guida has struggled in the UFC, the sport's largest stage, while Huerta has flourished. Guida got manhandled and mauled at the hands of Gilbert Melendez , and Huerta is a step below him. Guida lost to Din Thomas, and Huerta is leaps above him.

-- Mike Sloan of on tonight's Guida vs Huerta matchup. Sloan's talking a good game, but I'm the one betting my eyebrows on Huerta.

Fightlinker tried to weasel out of it several times -- at one point he even tried to change the bet so he had Huerta. Sorry world, I wouldn't let him. Don't blame me for the grape photo.

Seriously, this will be a close fight and betting on Guida is a reasonable call -- it's very likely to be a rehash of Frankie Edgar vs Spencer Fisher. But I think Huerta's got a size advantage over Guida, better scrambling and better wrestling than Fisher. I expect to see a tough fight but Huerta has luck on his side and that means a lot. He should be able to land enough strikes to get the decision. Either way, the winner has to get through Kenny Florian to get anywhere near a title shot. And I don't see either of these guys beating B.J. Penn or Sean Sherk. If Joe Daddy somehow ends up with the belt, that's a whole different kettle of fish.


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