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HDNet Fights To Air IFL GP Finals and "Fedor Returns" Live

Business Wire - Press Release: HDNet Fights: Fedor Emelianenko to Fight Live on HDNet!

Reuters: International Fight League, HDNet Fights Team Up to Televise December 29 IFL World GP Finals

HDNet is really stepping up to become a must have TV channel for MMA fans. Teaming with the IFL and M-1 Global to broadcast these live events is great news. There are some details that are not made clear in the release regarding the live New Year's Eve broadcast from Japan. It sounds as though HDNet may only be showing Fedor's fight and not the entire Yarennoka! card. I'm sure things will be made more clear in the coming days, I hope HDNet is able to air more of the excellent NYE event from Japan.

[editor's note, by Luke Thomas]: HDNET reps have informed me they will be showing the ENTIRE New Year's Eve card. Rejoice, monkeys.

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