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The Brazilian MMA Scene Is Heating Up


For some time the MMA scene in Brazil has been in somewhat of a state of flux. The most well known promotion, Wallid Ishmael's Jungle Fight, has disappeared from the landscape and none of the other promoters have managed to cross over into the mainstream, outside of Brazil. Paulo Vasconcellos' West Promotions & Entertainment suffered a huge economic setback after hosting Brazil's biggest ever MMA event in 2006 with the first Super Challenge event. Vasconcellos has returned to the scene with his Super Challenge Grappling tournament on December 8th and has expressed interest in promoting MMA events in the future.

A huge step forward in the presentation of Brazilian MMA to a worldwide audience was made when Giant Sports & Events (GSE) the promoter of the Fury FC MMA events in Brazil, signed a long term deal with to distribute their events as live PPV's via internet web stream. The deal starts on December 6th with the presentation of Fury FC 5: Grande Finale, which will feature the semi-finals and finals of their so far, outstanding 83KG tournament.

GSE partners Victor Costa (President, also President and Founder of Koral Fight Co.) and Gilberto Faria (International Director) will finally get to show the world why Fury FC has found such quick success in its home country.

Another Brazilian MMA promoter making moves recently is A. Renner Full Production. This company, headed by Alessandro Renner promotes the Predador Fight Championship (Predador FC) and have recently taken over operations of the Mo Team League (MTL) in partnership with its founder, Monica Marquetti.

Predador FC has also secured a broadcast deal with Brazil's fifth largest television network, REDE TV! which will tape their events for broadcast on the channel's Sambado Campeao (Saturday Champion) sports program.

This is an exciting time of potential growth for MMA in Brazil. I definitely think there is a market in North America for high quality MMA from Brazil. Rio Heroes is not indicative of that country's MMA talent.

In other recent Brazilian news, Tatame is reporting that middleweight fighter Thiago "Jambo" Goncalves (9-2-0) of the Minotauro Team has signed a contract with Elite XC.

Here is the fight card for Fury FC 5: Final Conflict:

Fury FC 5: Final Conflict: December 6, 2007 in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Live PPV @


  • Murilo Paolielo vs. Edval Tico Pedroso
  • Ariel Machado vs.Fernando El León Irala

83KG GP Semi-Finals:

  • Daniel Acácio (12-5-0) vs. Andre Mikito (3-1-0)
  • Fabio Negao (8-2-0) vs. Rousimar Palhares (5-1-0)

Tournament Alternate Bout:

  • Jorge Michelan (2-1-0) vs. Leonardo "Potatoes" Guarabyra (2-2-0)


  • Ricardo Oliveira Cromado (3-3-0) vs. Alexandre Brandão Sagat (0-1-0)
  • Gabriel Veiga (0-0-0) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (8-2-0)
  • Fabiano Astorino (0-0-0) vs. Antonio Braga Neto (3-0-0)
  • Rodrigo Ruiz (8-4-0) vs. Takafumi Otsuka (1-1-0)

Tournament Finals:


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