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Decisions Don't Always Suck

A lot of times in MMA, big fights just don't live up to the billing.  Liddell/Silva did that and more, I stood up for the whole thing, and Silva deserves a lot of credit for recovering over and over when it looked like he was in big trouble.  Chuck using the shots was a great surprise, and he really nailed that spinning backfist (forearm).    

I think Wanderlei, unlike the other Pride flops, has a big future in the UFC.  He put up a great fight and was extremely exciting.  Chuck was way too strong to clinch though, and a punchfest was always going to favor Chuck.  I was wrong, and don't mind admitting it.

Who does Chuck fight next?  Tito?  Rashad?  I know Machida has been suggested, but I'd put the odds of UFC making that fight at about 100-1.  

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