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Ricardo Arona Picks Lyoto Machida Over Sokoudjou

Courtesy Tatame (forgive the translation):

"Sokoudjou is much more stronger than Lyoto, so that is going to be a advantage for him in the beginning of the fight, but Lyoto has good technique as a Striker and as a Grappler, so if he take the fight to the last rounds he will tired Sokoudjou out and could win", bets Arona.

I've always believed Machida is the sleeper in the light heavyweight division. He's incredibly well-rounded and more importantly, his defensive techniques are excellent. He rarely takes any damage during a fight no matter the fighter's style. Sokoudjou's power and athleticism might give Machida trouble early on, but I expect Lyoto to frustrate Sokoudjo on the outside - a place where Lyoto is better and where Sokoudjou cannot win.

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