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The Case for Roger Huerta

While the initial odds had Guida vs. Huerta as a pick 'em, they've since moved in favor of Guida as the lead dog. Desert Dog happens to think this is mistaken:

I see solid value in a bet on Huerta at +115 on up.

Clay Guida, plain and simple, is 2/2 in the UFC. He shows tremendous pace and technical skill, BUT, he has not shown the ability to finish high level fighters. Guida should not be the favorite in this fight. Guida's last three fights went to decision and although the fights were exciting and fun to watch he never had his opponents in serious trouble. Clay has a solid submission game but it's not good enough to finish Huerta, his standup is also good but it's mostly defense and counter striking. Clay's biggest strength has been his wrestling and ability to avoid being controlled on the ground, That won't be enough to win against an equally skilled wrestler with good submission defense.

Equally skilled wrestler? Since when? Sorry, folks, I just don't see how Huerta can withstand the pressure. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I just don't see a win here for Huerta.

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