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UFC 79 Commentary/Undead Blogging

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I'm too lazy to live blog but I will be commenting post matches.
First up. Melvin Guillard vs Rich Clementi. Melvin goes a bit over the line with the "I hope I end his career" comment. I normally root against Melvin because of antics like this, but I view him as a potential contender and would rather he beat the journeyman Clementi.

Wow. God fight by Clementi. Melvin landed some hard punches but didn't have the jiu jitsu skills to hang.

Double wow, they're going to Soukoudjou vs Machida! this is the fight I most want to see. War MMA! Team Quest vs Black it!

Machida has to get that round 10-9. My friends are booing the standup that got it back to the feet.

Triple wow. Machida completely dominated that fight. Standing and on the ground. I really enjoy watching Machida fight. Feel bad for Soukoudjou but he'll be back. Good trash talking by Machida after the fight.

Here come the heavyweight brawlers Hulk vs Sanchez. One of the drunk chics at the bar says Sanchez looks like a "fat drunk." She says Soa looks "spooky." Lackluster round dominated by Sanchez. Bad night so far for Team Quest. Sanchez is totally dominating a really dull fight. My friend Dave is bemoaning his bad pick streak. My bud Jeffro declares this a "fencing match" because there's so much clinching against the cage. Painful end for Soa. Poor bastard. My wife declares it "another lousy heavyweight fight."

Ok here comes Chuck vs Wanderlei. I have really bad memories of Wanderlei's jinxed UFC debut against Vitor Belfort. I'm expecting the worst for the Axe-Murderer. War Wanderlei!

Wanderlei is playing some weak ass techno. Must be some Brazilian thing. Dramatic entrance by the Iceman. I think he's using some old Seigfried and Roy music. Dave's wife Sue says Chuck looks like a "mean Woody Harrelson".

Wanderlei did NOT look intimidating. Chuck is looking scary.

Chuck wins the round but Wanderlei survived some vicious punches and at one point it looked like Chuck was going in for the kill. But Wanderlei survived and answered with hooks and leg kicks. Looks like David Spade is about to throw down in the audience.

Mother fucker, Wanderlei and Chuck threw down in a NASTY round. Man that was a legendary round. this fight is legendary -- I'm thinking Ali-Frazier III or Hagler-Hearns here!

Impressive performance by Liddell and by Wanderlei. What a display of heart and skill by both fighters. Chuck should fight Machida for a #1 contender match. All the women at this bar want Liddell -- smooth the way he works in the afterparty mention.

GSP is looking good as always. Mazzagatti is flying the full stache for the championship fight. GSP is looking really mean tonight. The crowd boos Hughes. Sue says "I hate pray-ers." My wife: "I miss Big John."

Hughes throws off GSP standing by switching to southpaw. Hughes is trying to force the fight to the ground but ends up on his back eating elbows and punches. Total domination by GSP.

Great second round display of ground dominance by GSP. "Georges just completely outclassed Matt Hughes in this fight" -- Joe Rogan.

bonus fight: Manny Gamburyan breaks Nate Mohr's leg. Damn, when the winner apologizes after the fight, it's a vicious leg lock!