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UFC 79 Report From Vegas

Sam Caplan is working/vacationing in Las Vegas as I write this and has detailed his account of the trip thus far on his blog. The details are great, particularly this little gem that took place at the weigh-ins yesterday. Notable quote:

In regard to the staredown antics, I've read a few comments on the Internet suggesting that it looked staged. Who knows for sure, but I couldn't disagree more. The heat looked legit. It started off as just an intense staredown but it escalated after Wanderlei did a shoulder lunge as if he was going to throw a punch. From my vantage point, it looked like Chuck flinched. Chuck started to move away and gave Wanderlei the finger. Wanderlei got heated again and tried to go after Chuck but a ton of people stood between them. It looked real and intense. These guys have been rivals for so long and are big-time competitors. There's probably nothing personal between the two, but neither is going to let the other gain an edge going into the fight.

There is something about Liddell that bothers me going into this fight, his style advantage included. Jardine exposed and exploited it. I wonder if Silva will do the same.

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