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UFC 79's Best Bets

Normally I try to throw out 3 fights that I think there is good value in but this morning while I look over the odds there are only 2 that jump out at me. As always I don't suggest a bet unless I put money on it myself so if you lose on my picks...I do too.

Jordan Radev +250 vs. Dean Lister - I picked Lister to win this one and I stand by that.  But when you're betting you're looking for value.  If Radev can use his wrestling skills to get takedowns and hold top position without giving up his neck or an arm he could pull this one off.  And since I think his chances are better than a +250 line...I'd say there is some value there.

Soa Palelei -145 vs. Eddie Sanchez - Palelei being a bit of an unknown to the general public means that his line is not quite where it should be.  I would have figured him for closer to a -200 favorite.  Plenty of value there.

Ah more just to keep my standard 3 going.  James Irvin +160 vs. Luis Cane.  I think Irvin wins this one and certainly don't think Cane should be a -200 favorite.  So hop on here.

Just on value...and don't bet at all if you can't afford to lose.

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