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A Lot On The Line

Adam Swift has a nice long post up analyzing the business aspects of UFC 79:

A Liddell win and resurgence would mean more to '08 business than anything else on the horizon. Liddell would be one, at most two, fights away from a big money bout next December against the winner of Jackson-Griffin for the Light Heavyweight Title. A Silva victory could eventually mean something to business, especially against Jackson whom he holds victories over, but not anywhere near what Liddell chasing the title at 205 would.

I think this is exactly right.  A Liddell run at the top could really carry the company in 2008, along with Tito Ortiz's return.  Hughes winning would be huge for Dana as well, since Serra/Hughes will be even bigger as a unification match, and one more Matt Hughes run on top will mean a lot of money for Dana White.  Two of Dana's boys that brought him to the dance are the underdogs, but if they pull it out 2008 looks good for the UFC.    

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