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Mayhem and the Mormon

This is a tough watch. But if you're a fan of Mayhem or "the Office" you might enjoy it. It's teh awkward.

It's  the self-nicknamed Steven  Steven "The Shark" Molen - aka "The Mole in the Hole" one of the hosts of the No-Holds Barred show interviewing Mayhem before his HDNet match a week or so back. Mayhem's not so much in the mood to talk fighting so they end up in a discussion of religion and science and Harry Potter. It's as relevant as the GOP primary in a way.

In the interest of fairness, here's Molen's defense of himself and the interview from the UG:

Mayhem jacked the interview. Wouldn't let me ask any fight related questions so I just took it to the silly level to offset his randomness and attack on my religion.

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