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Grey Dog Software Releases "World Of Mixed Martial Arts" Demo

So you think you can grow an MMA company faster than Gary Shaw or book better fights than Joe Silva? Of course you do, you're an MMA fan. I read the message boards, I know that deep inside you're already an armchair MMA promoter.

Well now is your chance to show them all! Grey Dog Software has released the demo version of their MMA promotions management simulator "World Of Mixed Martial Arts." In the game you take control of one of the world's leading MMA promotions, or start a new one of your own, by recruiting investors and hiring a stable of free agent fighters.

You must put on exciting shows, negotiate with fighters, sponsors and television stations, all the while keeping your fighters happy and active. Conquer regions, countries and entire continents with your special brand of MMA action.

You can even keep up with the world news at, a familiar looking in game website. I've been playing around with the demo this weekend and it's a very entertaining management simulation.

Here's a link for those of you interested in downloading the free demo.

For the full release the World of Mixed Martial Arts it's scheduled to be available for digital download exclusively through Grey Dog Software beginning December 8th 2007. Take a look here for some more in game screenshots.

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