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Clues Emerging in the Death of Ryan Gracie

As I suspected in my last post on this topic, it appears it was Dr. Drogas in the Prison Cell with the Medicine Cabinet who did in Ryan Gracie. Glad to see the family is pointing fingers his way too.

Called by the family, psychiatrist Sabino de Farias Ferreira Neto accompanied the fighter and took a urine sample, which indicated the presence of drugs in Gracie's body. The doctor said he provided at least six types of medication. Gracie, who was alone in his cell, was found dead Saturday around 8 a.m.

The Condepe questioned the procedure of the police to allow a doctor to monitor the fighter at the station. The Gracie family has said it will inquire about the doctor and the State over the death.

"Doctor Sabino is crazy, a murderer," Flávia Gracie, sister of the fighter, said in statements to the Brazilian press. "I told him to stop giving medicine to my brother. He said it was to prevent Ryan from being aggressive at the station. I argued that too much medicine would hurt, and the doctor replied that any remedy hurt, even aspirin."

"Ryan, although wrong, had to be arrested and charged for crimes," said Robson Gracie, Ryan's father. "But his death is another thing. I will inquire about that quack doctor."

Neto denied that the cocktail of drugs he gave Gracie is responsible for his death.

"As I told a colleague, the dose that was applied was so little," he said. "I have the greatest regret for what happened, but I fought against this with all I know."

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