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Quote of the Day 2

"Well jeez Mike. Thanks for pointing that out to everyone. You make such a great point. By the way, you are a nitpicking son of a bitch who has nothing better to do with his time but point out that SpikeTV is a cable channel and therefore it's costs are included in your cable bill.

I'm amazed you have enough time to even write for Sherdog, considering the fact that you should be out there reminding people that calling 1-800 numbers from home is not free because they still have to pay for the phone service. And maybe you should complain about those `free' MMA events you guys at Sherdog go to on a regular basis because because you still had to pay for gas, parking, and 12 jumbo chili cheese dogs.

In short, while you may technically be right, you are still a douche. Everyone already knows this fact, and trying to bring it up like you're some kind of smartypants just makes you look like more of a tool than usual."

-- Fightlinker, taking it to Sherdog's Mike "Captain Obvious" Sloan for an argument made about the price of SpikeTV's live UFC broadcasts.

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