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Not So Fast: Arlovski's Next Fight Will Be In The UFC

The people over at MMA Weekly do a great job generally, but a lot of their reporting out of the HD Net show was either misleading or wrong.

First, their story about Randy Couture falsely gave people the impression that Randy was claiming he could just wait until the end of the contract and then fight Fedor.  They quoted portions of what he said accurately, but also left things out.  Randy is very clear on the legal situation and knows that he owes his next 2 fights to the UFC.  Getting out of that is going to take a legal struggle or settlement of some kind.

Second, although they claimed in the piece above that Arlovski is waiting out his contract to fight with another organization, a representative of his says the story "was absolutely not true."  The MMA Junkie story sounds more accurate to me.  UFC brass has made it clear they'll be offering him a fight soon, and unless Arlovski takes it he'd be in the same situation Randy is in.  Arlovski will probably fight again by March.

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