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Sound And Fury Alert

"Granted, CNN et al will use any excuse to turn a tragedy into a documentary, complete with logo and dramatic music. But that doesn't mean we should ignore antisocial behavior. That would send the message that no one is paying attention anymore, and it would encourage the vermin to think that they can get away with anything. That the tide has turned. And that along with the yahoo culture heralded by NASCAR, the WWF and Ultimate Fighting, the South and its hateful double -- the nativist North -- has risen again.

It only takes a small percentage of Americans to make this country unlivable for many others. Judging by the incredible vitriol -- not to mention the appalling spelling -- on the Internet and elsewhere, aimed primarily at people of color and immigrants, we are fast becoming a nation of semiliterate haters."

-- Syl Jones in the Minneapolis Star Tribune attempting what can charitably be described as fourth-rate solipsistic sociological analysis.

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