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Sherdog Is The Yin To The UFC's Yang

Jake Rossen has a piece up today that extends an olive branch to the UFC (more specifically Zuffa) for the top 10 things they got right in 2007. You can read the list for yourself, but what I found interesting was how a Sherdog staff writers positions Sherdog as the antidote to the UFC's self-promotion propaganda. Notable quote:

The reason for the undercurrent of critical thinking is simple: If you want a whitewashed, sterile version of events, the UFC's own Web site and broadcast media does a masterful job. Were you to follow those outlets exclusively, you might never know that Randy Couture is in exile, Sean Sherk is no longer the lightweight champion and "Big" John McCarthy is retired.

I'd like to believe sites like Sherdog provide a crucial counterbalance for that kind of Stepford mentality, that being the Grumpy to the UFC's Dopey is some kind of karmic responsibility. But since it's the season to be swell to others, I thought I'd try and make note of the promotion's accomplishments in the past year.

No wonder White yanked their press credentials. Shouldn't the object be to report what is fact instead of correcting the media outreach efforts of the UFC? The two are similar, but the journalistic underpinnings are quite different.