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Bloody Elbow Picks for HDNet Fights

Leaderless but not rudderless, the Bloody Elbow staff (minus Luke Thomas and Nick Thompson) have made our picks for tonight's HDNet fights. Here we go:

Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Tim Kennedy

  • Kid Nate: I'm going with Mayhem by sub in the 2nd or 3rd. Kennedy is a tough wrestler, but Mayhem is gunning to avenge his 2003 loss to Kennedy and should be able to do it. Kennedy is on his way up, no doubt, but Mayhem's fighting to be the star of the HDNet promotion (take that Zuffa!)

  • Michael Rome: I see Miller winning, though there's an outside chance of a Kennedy decision.  I think Miller could be the star of HDNet, and like Kid Nate I see him being really focused on this fight.  Miller losing here would be a huge blow, but I don't see it happening.

  • Brent Brookhouse: Miller by tko round 2. He's just in another class right now.  It won't be the end for Kennedy but he just isn't ready to step up to Miller's level.

  • Jeff Comstock: Jason Miller

Frank Trigg vs. Edwin Dewees

  • Kid Nate: Dewees is a tough  guy and a scrappy submission specialist, but  I don't think he has the power or wrestling to survive Trigg's GNP assault. Trigg by TKO in 2. This should set up Trigg vs Miller, which will be a great fight for the promotion.

  • Michael Rome: I think Trigg is going to be too much here. I just can't see Dewees catching him in a submission, Trigg by TKO round 1.

  • Brent Brookhouse: Trigg TKO round 1. Frank will prove to be too strong from the opening
    bell and will pound out a quick tko win.

  • Jeff Comstock: Frank Trigg

Yves Edwards vs. Alonzo Martinez

  • Kid Nate: Martinez is a decent wrestler/gnp guy but Edwards is a major step up in competition for him. Yves is training with ATT now and should put a 2nd straight win under his belt. Edwards by TKO in the 2nd.

  • Michael Rome: I'd be very surprised if this ends in anything other than KO or TKO for Edwards.

  • Brent Brookhouse: Edwards by 2nd round TKO.

  • Jeff Comstock: Yves Edwards

Pete Spratt vs. Tristan Yunker

  • Kid Nate: Spratt is a game fighter and has some muy thai skillz but again, this smacks of a set up. They're putting in the UFC vet with a penchant for falling right into subs against the rising star submission specialist.  If Yunker loses, he'll have some 'splaning to do. This'll be his 2nd loss in a row and will really derail his career.

  • Michael Rome: This is a pretty intriguing fight. I'm always hesitant to pick submission guys over vets, but Spratt got triangled by the Barncat. I'm going with Yunker.

  • Brent Brookhouse: Spratt by decision. I figure Pete will be selective in his striking, not allowing himself to spend much time on his back en route to a comfortable decision.

  • Jeff Comstock: Pete Spratt