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Quote of the Day: Now This Is How You Trash Talk  Not trying to goad you into any trash talk, but what are your thoughts on Edwin? He's always come off like a good kid and he's obviously a solid fighter.
Trigg: He's an anomaly to me because he's a young kid; he's only 25. He's faster, stronger, taller, bigger. He comes in much heavier than me. He's a better guy on the ground than I am, and he's way more experienced than I am. On paper, everything suggests that he should win, but I don't think he has that heart or determination that he needs to be a great fighter. Plus I'm a better athlete, I'm much better looking and I'm four times smarter than he is (laughs).

Frank Trigg talking to Sherdog about Edwin Dewees, his opponent in tomorrow's HDNet fights.

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