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What He Said

Adam Swift of MMA Payout has a really good post breaking down the ways that everyone lost in the Sean Sherk Steroid Scandal -- the CSAC, the UFC, and especially Sean Sherk:

Last, but certainly not least, in the parade of the disgraced and disappointed is Sherk. He spent considerable time, financial resources, and personal creditability in defending his name. At the end of the day he was left frustrated, if not downright bitter, at a haphazard process that more closely resembled an informal straw poll than a quasi-judicial proceeding. Now he is left to face the fact that his career will forever carry the asterisk of a failed steroid test, regardless of its true validity.

At least in his defense, whether guilty or innocent, his behavior was completely rational and exactly what would be expected of any athlete in a similar position. The same cannot be said for the CSAC and the UFC who should have each reacted more professionally in the situation. The entire ordeal was an embarrassment to the sport, best quietly learned from and quickly forgotten.

I agree that Sherk's ultimate sentence was probably correct. It appears he unknowingly took a banned substance while wolfing down every over the counter supplement known to man. But his efforts to clear his name clearly exposed the CSAC hearing process as less than a fair one.

Glad this is all over. Looking forward to Sherk fighting BJ or Joe Daddy next year.

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