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Who Is John Alessio?

You may only remember Alessio from the takedown defense clinic he put up against Diego Sanchez in the UFC or by his loss to Carlos Condit in the WEC. The truth of the matter is that while Alessio hasn't quite been able to put all of the pieces of his game together enough to earn top-spot billing, he's naturally very talented, very athletic and very good (how else would he be able to share Couture's nickname AND simultaneously train with him?). Todd Moore, his opponent tonight at the WEC event, is a training partner of Yves Edwards, so I suspect his game will be well-rounded and he'll have a willingness to bang on the feet. But Alessio is a fantastic wrestler as well as a crisp, powerful striker. In fact, I'd venture to say he uses some of the best chambered punches down the middle with outside hooks and leg kicks both by creating a pocket with pressure and by counterstriking. Moore will be a fiesty challenge, but Alessio walks home with tonight's win.

Side note: I saw Alessio's previous competitor in the WEC - Marcelo Brito - compete in the MMAC show I commentated. Brito's BJJ is superb, so for Alessio to avoid the submission and mount a win tells you a great deal about the well-rounded talents of Alessio.