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Chael Sonnen's Game Plan

Even though he's fighting a man regarded arguably as the top middleweight in the world tonight, Chael Sonnen's game plan is to have no game plan. Notable quote:

"Bruce Lee said having no way is a way," Sonnen said. "He was not that great of a fighter, but he was a great philosopher. That is my plan against Filho -- to have no plan.

"I'm just going to go out there and fight."

Far be it from me to tell any professional fighter how to go about pursuing their career, but this is disastrous. As I've stated before, there is no comparable professional sport where the participants and coaches are as willing to eschew planning and strategizing as in MMA. It would be unfathomable for a professional football player or coach to suggest they have no game plan - detailed, well-crafted game plan - headed into whatever Sunday game they are playing, yet this is common in MMA.

I'm not suggesting Sonnen will lose on account of this. And to the extent that MMA is wild and predictable, I'm sure the temptation to keep things loose is powerful. But this can't exactly help Sonnen a great deal either. Roaming aimlessly or counter fighting as a consequence of inadequate pre-fight preparation is the surest way to minimize your chances.

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