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Jeff Curran Against the #1 Featherweight in the World

No, I'm not talking about tomorrow night's WEC match between Curran and Uriah Faber, although Faber's certainly the #1 Featherweight in the USA. I'm talking about Curran's 2003 loss to "Kid" Yamamoto. Here's the second half of the fight (part one is here):

I like Curran, but I'd be very surprised if his match against Faber turns out much differently. Curran is a strong BJJ guy who doesn't mind being on his back. Faber, like Yamamoto, is a very strong wrestler. Doesn't have Yamamoto's boxing but will probably ground and pound on Curran the whole way.  

Curran lost to Matt Serra in his only UFC fight shortly after that but has only one lose since 2004.

Here he is talking about his career and what this fight means to him:

"I still have to make my mark," Curran said in an interview. "The way my career has been, I could retire now and go down in the books as a top-10 guy, one of the best, but never really quite made it to be the best or recognized as being the best.

Yamamoto will be fighting WEC vet Rani Yahya at K-1's NYE Osaka Dome show. Looks like Joachim Hansen will be taking on Japanese Olympic wrestler Kazuyuki Miyata on that same card. This goes against earlier reports that had Hansen fighting on the Yarrenoka New Year's Eve card.

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