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Belfort Returning To The UFC?

According to a Sherdog report, Vitor Belfort is meeting with UFC brass today to discuss a return to the Octagon.  He apparently has his eyes set on one man:  Tito Ortiz:

"I want to rip his big head off," said a re-motivated Belfort. "The last time I had a back problem, and he just laid on top of me with a broken nose bleeding all over me and I tired in the last round."

"I'm willing to fight him winner take all, the loser gets nothing," Belfort said of the former UFC light heavyweight champion. "He's a millionaire, he doesn't need money -- he has to have pride."

I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen.  Tito loves feuds against mismatched opponents, and it's more interesting than say, Tito Ortiz v. Thiago Silva.

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