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The Return of Bob "The Beast" Sapp

As you may know, Bob Sapp will return to MMA action with the Strikeforce promotion on Saturday, February 23 in Seattle at the Tacoma Dome in Washington state. For those who've never seen Sapp compete and aren't Japanese, you aren't missing a whole helluva lot. Cage Potato does a good job of recounting Sapp's more recent contributions to the sport. To wit:

-- Agreeing to headline a May 2006 K-1 event in Holland against Ernesto Hoost, and then backing out halfway through the show.

-- Agreeing to fight Gary Turner at Cage Rage 21 in February of this year, then backing out a few days before the fight was scheduled to go down.

-- Cracking up Jay Leno with his impression of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade.

-- Defeating "Hard Gay" at a HUSTLE Pro Wrestling event on November 4.

-- Eating hoagies?

Welcome back, I guess...right?

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