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UFC and CBS Talking - Network Special in the Works?

From Dave Meltzer:

Scott Collins of the Los Angeles Times has reported that CBS is talking with UFC about producing one or more prime time network specials. The writers strike is making the talks more serious, because the network would be in need of first-run unscripted prime time programming when the shows on the schedule run out of fresh episodes.

I think the writer's strike makes this a real possibility.  Most major shows only have one to two more weeks of material to air prior to the networks having to go into reruns.  Putting something fresh on the air that would gain "big" ratings is something that networks will be be scrambling to do.  Considering that even game shows have teams of writers these days something like live sporting events are going to be considered a top option.

Not exactly MMA related but I suppose with the "when fresh episodes run out" catch I have enough reason to link it.

IGN did a piece covering the status of major shows and networks through the strike.

Update [2007-11-9 11:46:39 by Brent Brookhouse]:I didn't check the diaries before I posted, but just to give credit where credit is due Michael Rome posted about this yesterday.