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Rizzo Recieves Offer to Fight Fedor?

From Tatame:

The Heavy Champion of the Art of War, Pedro Rizzo, who travelled yesterday to Netherlands to help his friend Peter Aerts in the preparation for the K-1 GP final, also has the aim of sharpening his exchanges for a possible fight against the Russian Fedor Emilianenko. "Actually, we received a proposal, but we can´t say from whom. Now it´s too early to speak", said Jorge Guimarães (Joinha) Rizzo´s manager.

Well, considering Rizzo's last fight was a TKO of Jeff Monson, it certainly is a bit more of an interesting match-up than Monson/Fedor.  Rizzo also has more name value (though to be fair he doesn't have a ton left) here in the US which is going to be important for putting asses in the seats should this be the fight that M-1 wants to put on in Chicago next February.

It still isn't a tough fight for Fedor on paper, but the chance of a flash KO exists with Pedro where it wouldn't seem to be there for Monson.