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Kevin Randleman Health Update - Interview

Over at punchdrunkgamer Dave Carpinello has an interview with Kevin Randleman where Kevin gives some updates on his health.

An excerpt:

Was the Monster depressed?  Absolutely not.  Kevin's outlook on life may be something that everyone can take something from.  "It is good to be alive and it will only get better" Kevin told me as he was describing the medical care he was receiving.

PDG:  Can you describe to me what medical care you are receiving now?
Kevin:  Right now the hole from the infection is about half the size that you see in that first picture.  I am using a wound vac over the two holes to get rid of the blood and puss that is in the infection.  It will probably take another 2 to 3 weeks for the hole to close completely.  There is also an IV in my arm that administers medicine two times a day.  There is a pick line in my left arm that the IV is hooked up to when I need to take my meds.  The pick line runs through my left arm and up close to my heart so that when I take my meds it has almost an immediate response.  It does get a little bother sum as all I want to do is get healthy and fight again.  I would love to be training and even get kicked in the face right now..............but I am stuck in the house for the most part.

After the shoulder injury that Kevin suffered back in 2006 and his loss against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, followed by a suspension by the NSAC, a DUI and a recurrence of a staff infection that almost killed him earlier this year.  The Monster and his soon to be wife Elizabeth have fought on not because they had to but because the opportunities that are still available in Kevin's life are greater than the cost of throwing in the towel.  As put by Elizabeth......"You can see the progress over the three shots----he is healing like wolverine"

The photos in question?

Yeah. Staph infection ain't no joke.