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UFC Hall of Famer Dan Severn on Dana White

Here's Dan Severn on the current UFC:

PC: You are in the UFC Hall of Fame. Did you ever try to get a position over there?

DS: No. It has changed. The game has changed and the company has changed. The UFC is coming under more scrutiny all of the time. It's not the same product that it once was. I do a lot of things with mixed martial arts. I work with a lot of other companies. I do have a passion for the sport and I would like to have a positive influence in the direction of the sport because the bottom line is, you're taking care of an athlete. I really don't see that happening with a Dana White at the helm of the UFC. I think they've done a lot of good things for the sport, but at the same token, they have a cocky, conceded arrogance that is coming about them and I don't care for it. It's changed and I don't know who the leadership comes from. From what I know, they have the two brothers, the Fertitta brothers, that own basically 90% of the UFC and Dana White owns the other 10%, but Dana White is kind of the face of the UFC and seems like he is the one making the most comments about everything that's going on. He may not be the best person that should be out there articulating his opinions. If he is, they may want to bring somebody in there to groom him a little more and help him on his presentation skills. I politically danced around that one a little bit (laughing).