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Even the Marks Aren't Fooled By UFC

Dana is mucking up the weak-ass middle weight division so bad that even the crew at MMA Junkie can't help but notice:

If the UFC's middleweight division were stacked with talent, dismissing two fighters like Okami and Marquardt (solid fighters who unfortunately have been tagged with the term "boring" at times) could possibly be explained. But as it stands, the division is desperate for talent. Other than Dan Henderson, a light heavyweight who doesn't want to move down to 185 pounds, the UFC lacks a single marketable name to challenge Silva's champion status.

I just do not see how TUF guys like Chris Leben flailing away in bad kickboxing matches are more entertaining than watching Marquardt and Okami. Yeah Nate's fight with Salaverry was a dud. But the guy has skills and comes to fight everytime out.

Okami's even better. His style may be methodical but it's decisive -- except for the Franklin fight , everyone of Okami's fights in the UFC came to a clear unmistakable conclusion.

You know what I think -- I think Dana's dis of Marquardt and refusal to resign Okami is a sign that he's given up on the Japanese market. Nate is a repeat King of Pancrase and Okami is already signed to fight for K1 Heros.

I think letting these guys go shows that Dana just wants to put on brawls in the cage for the whiteboys here at home. He tried sushi, gave him heartburn.