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Arona Likes the UFC's Rules

From Tatame:

Still without a contract with a major event, the black-belt from BTT, Ricardo Arona, ensures that the rules of the biggest event of MMA in the world nowadays have been made for his kind of game. "The rules of UFC were made to me. I´ll enter the octagon to stay. Nobody will take me off. The rules, the time zone, everything is perfect for me. These rules where you can use the elbow,  vaseline on the face and rounds with five minutes, have been made to me. I´m used to fight 20 minutes. In addition to the rules, is also prohibited the use of bombs, and many people are going out because of that. I never used bomb, so I am thinking that what´s happening is very funny. I´m laughing, because I never had problem with that, "said Arona.

Arona was always a guy that I felt wasn't exactly allowed to unleash his full potential in Pride because of the lack of elbows on the ground.  With the cage to aid him in takedowns and the ability to unleash elbows he'd probably be one of the more successful Pride to UFC transplants.

And for what it's worth "bomb" = steroids.