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Oleg Taktarov Returns to the Ring Tonight

MMA legend -- the first Russian fighter to make a major impact in the US, UFC VI champion, submission king, rival of Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott, Marco Ruas, Dan Severn -- Oleg Taktarov returns to the ring tonight in Bodog Fight's Russia vs America card.

Here's hoping it goes better than his ill-fated match with Gary Goodridge. The fight that should have ended his career.

Here's a Russian newspaper's take on it -- interesting to note that in Russia he's mostly known for his work as a Hollywood actor.

Update [2007-12-1 10:34:11 by Kid Nate]: I'm happy Sherdog is reporting that Oleg won his fight by kneebar in the 2nd round. War Oleg!

The second round started with yet another clinch, which pushed Marsh into a corner. Taktarov then promptly dropped down for a textbook kneebar that caused Marsh to tap instantly, ending the fight and heralding Taktarov's initial comeback as a success.

It would be awesome if someone put together a HL reel of Oleg's best moments -- he was too great a contributor to early MMA to be remembered just for getting KTFO'd. His flash submissions were always beautiful and I'm excited he's still got the touch.