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Busy Weekend Of MMA Starts With Friday Night Fights

The weekend kicks off with the newest HDNet Fights taping, bodogFIGHT returns to Russia, and an MMA event in my hometown of Winnipeg. Take a look a tonight's fight cards and broadcast info, along with some quick thoughts about the events.

UCW: X-Factor: November 30, 2007 in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Winnipeg Convention Center)

Broadcast: This event will be taped and aired at a later date on The Fight Network.

  • Jason Day (13-5-0) vs. Ron Faircloth (26-12-0)
  • Jordan Mein (5-5-0) vs. Kevin Manderson (12-9-0)
  • Wilf Betz (2-0-0) vs. Bill Boland (2-0-0)
  • Dave De Lorenzi (0-1-0) vs. Markhaile Wedderburn (1-2-0)
  • Tim Tamaki (6-7-0) vs. Greg Compton (5-3-0)
  • Jean-Marc Lalonde (2-1-0) vs. Rory McDonell (1-2-0)
  • Jason Motard (2-1-0) vs. Eric Muir (1-0-0)
  • Brett Portieous (1-0-0) vs. Simon Marini (2-0-0)
  • Chris Lee (0-1-0) vs. Chris Burns (0-3-0)

IFL fighter Krzysztof Soszynski's promotion: Ultimate Cage Wars, out of Winnipeg, Manitoba does not impress.

HDNet Fights Presents Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat 17: November 30, 2007 in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Tropicana Casino & Resort)

Broadcast: This event will be taped and aired at a later date by HDNet for the Friday night, HDNet Fights series.


  • Jim Miller (8-1-0) vs. Chris Liguori (7-5-0)
  • Gregor Gracie (1-0-0) vs. Eric Henry (6-2-0)

Tournament Finals:

  • LW: Dave Sachs (3-1-0) vs. Brian Mclaughlin (4-0-0)
  • WW: Mark Berraciol (2-0-0) vs. Charlie Brenneman (3-0-0)
  • MW: Mike Massenzio (9-1-0) vs. Lance Everson (9-4-0)
  • LHW: John Doyle (6-1-0) vs. Ricardo Romero (2-0-0)

Main Card:

  • Nick Catone (2-0-0) vs. Ben Knight (0-2-0)
  • Rich Boine (2-2-0) vs. Doug Gordon (5-4-0)
  • Dan Miller (6-1-0) vs. John Howard (6-1-0)
  • Alexis Aquino (4-1-0) vs. Marc Stevens (6-2-0)
  • Dante Rivera (10-2-0) vs. Fernando Rivera (1-1-0)

Preliminary Fights:

  • Joe Camacho (9-11-3) vs. Vasilica Goian (1-0-0)
  • Nabih vs. Joshua Keys

Lou Neglia's Ring of Combat joins the HDNet Fights series with a pretty good 2nd tier show. It looks like several good young prospects will be featured in the tournament finals. Gregor Gracie has his second MMA fight and overall the card features plenty of young talent who will hope to shine on television.

BodogFIGHT: Russia vs. USA 2: November 30, 2007 in Moscow, Russia (MegaSport Ice Arena)

Broadcast: After losing their TV partner ION in the States, broadcast plans are unknown. The event will be taped but where it will appear is still up in the air. My guess is their own website, in their vault section one fight at a time.

  • Oleg Taktarov (11-5-2) vs. John Marsh (7-6-0)
  • Andrei Semenov (26-9-2) vs. Emyr Bussade (10-4-0)
  • Alexander Shlemenko (12-3-0) vs. Diego Vitosky (3-3-1)
  • Vladimir Kuchenko (0-1-0) vs. Wagner da Conceicao Martins "Zuluzinho" (2-3-0)
  • Akhmet Sultans (0-0-0) vs. Eric Pele (11-3-0)
  • Julia Berezikova (1-3-0) vs. Jessica Aguilar (4-2-0)
  • Konstantin Gluhov (1-1-0) vs. Dan Evensen (8-2-0)
  • Vladimir Zenin (9-2-0) vs. James "Binky" Jones (3-2-0)
  • Stanislav Shushko (1-1-0) vs. Thalmann Sheriffs (0-0-0)
  • Ivan Anikanov vs. Besiki Gerenava (2-0-0)
  • Alexander Kokoev (0-1-0) vs. Sultan Tikhayev (3-2-0)

bodogFIGHT has done little to no promotion for this event. I went to their website and saw no mention of it. Of course the main event is a shocker, featuring the return of UFC legend Oleg Taktarov. Other fighters of note include Andrei Semenov, Alexander Schlemenko, Eric Pele, Zuluzinho and Vladimir Zenin. I'm really starting to question bodogFIGHT's sustainability. When the only place you can successfully run a show is Russia, you're probably having problems. It's time for a new direction for this company.

Smash MMA: November 30, 2007 in Fairfax, Virginia (Patriot Center)

  • Travis Wiuff (47-11-0) vs. Travis Fulton (181-43-9)
  • Johnny Curtis (0-0-0) vs. Greg White (3-4-0)
  • Antwain Britt (3-0-0) vs. Isaiah Larson (2-0-0)
  • Bill Clifford (5-2-0) vs. Gamel Spencer (6-1-0)
  • Antonio Grant (1-1-0) vs. Phillip Wyman (1-1-0)
  • Jay Cox (0-0-0) vs. Robert Houston (1-1-0)
  • Kyle Baker (2-1-0) vs. Chris Reedy (3-4-0)
  • Rashad Woods (3-1-0) vs. Adam Lehman (4-4-0)
  • Todd Guimond (5-3-0) vs. Dwayne Sheldon (3-3-0)
  • Ben Gonzalez (2-2-0) vs. Will Clark (0-0-0)
  • Darryl Moore (1-1-0) vs. Bo Baker (2-0-0)

SMASH is a production of Ice Promotions, a boxing and MMA promotional company, headed by Jackie "First Lady of Boxing" Kallen and Jimmy Lange Enterprises. I believe that this their first MMA card. Jackie Kallen was played by Meg Ryan in the movie "Against the Ropes&quot.; As far as the fights go...Travis Fulton sure does fights a lot... Antwain Britt is a good heavyweight prospect, so I'll be keeping an eye out for his performance.

Legends of Fighting Championship 22: Nemesis: November 30, 2007  in Indianapolis, Indiana (8 Seconds Saloon)

  • Johnny Rees (7-0-0) vs. Jeremy Wingler (8-2-0)
  • JD Craft vs Carl Kegley (Amateur Bout)
  • Orville Smith (4-0-0) vs Muhammed Jordan (0-1-0)
  • Davion Peterson (10-4-0) vs Marcus Reynolds (1-2-0)
  • Kyle Gibbons (7-2-0) vs Durrell Mitchell (0-0-0)
  • Jerry Bussen vs Chris Franks (Amateur Bout)
  • James Simon vs Chris Hanni (Amateur Bout)
  • Dave Herman (8-0-0) vs Muhammed Rahim (0-1-0)
  • Jason Hensley vs Mike Redman (Amateur Bout)
  • Jason Hayes vs Dustin David (Amateur Bout)
  • Andrew Nicola vs Jeremy Smith (Amateur Bout)
  • Billy Cooper vs Stanton Gavia (Amateur Bout)
  • Dustin Thompson vs Tim Davis (Amateur Bout)

Scott McKorkle's LFC is a mix of pro and amateur bouts with some glaring mismatches if the fight finder is accurate. Matchmaker, Tristan Yunker has some explaining to do.

X-1 Presents XMA: Fight Club at the Night Club 4: November 30, 2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii (The O-Lounge)

Check the X-1 website for more info.