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Yarennoka! Announces Two Fights For NYE

Nightmare Of Battle Delivers The News: Dream Fight Realized! Shinya Aoki Vs. J.Z. Calvan!!

The second Yarennoka! press conference was held today and two big fights were announced for the event.

The first fight is a dream match-up between Shooto Middleweight Champion Shinya Aoki and 2-time Hero’s Middleweight Tournament Champion, J.Z. Calvan.

The second fight is between DEEP Welterweight Champion Hidehiko Hasegawa and Japanese MMA Legend Hayato Sakurai.

Shinya Aoki vs Gesisas "JZ" Calvancanti is a fantastic match-up that will be sure to have MMA fans salivating. J.Z. has looked unstoppable in his recent performances and Aoki is one of the most amazing submission fighters to ever walk the earth. I'm surprised that J.Z. was not under contract to FEG.

Sakurai vs. Hasegawa is a good, solid match-up but doesn't get me all that excited when compared to the Aoki vs. Calvan bout.

Update [2007-11-28 8:2:41 by Jeff Comstock]: Apparently J.Z. Calvan is under contract to FEG but Sadaharu Tanigawa was on hand at the press conference and seems to be cooperating in a talent exchange with the Yarennoka! event...scratches head.