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Join Team Tanner For As Little As $50

Evan Tanner is changing the way fighter sponsorships work with Team Tanner. The shirt looks great and check out the $4,000 contribution:

$4000 contribution per fight

All of the above and 2 tickets to the UFC event as special guests of Evan's.

This level is reserved for those who want the full experience. It is available to only one person per fight. It can be combined with any of the other options available.

The member at this level will receive a cornerman pass and will accompany Evan and his trainers behind the scenes at the full event. This will include behind the scenes access to interviews, photo shoots, etc. This will also include behind the scenes access to the weigh-ins. On the night of the event, this member will accompany Evan and his trainers to the dressing room, be able to watch the warm up for the fight, and then walk out with Evan to the Octagon in front of tens of thousands in the venue and millions on TV.

This is a unique opportunity to get a first hand look at what goes on behind the scenes at a major UFC event, and a great opportunity to meet many of the top UFC fighters. Please contact Kyria at to discuss availability.

Believe in the power of one,