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Lift The Ban Watch

Hastings, Nebraska believes "ultimate fighting" combined with alcohol leads people to violent ends:

"People get emotionally charged up watching something like this; you mix alcohol with that, it is just a bad mix," said Hastings City Administrator Joe Patterson.

This June close to a thousand people filled the Hastings City Auditorium to watch fighters go at it.  But the fighting wasn't limited to inside the cage.

"We have had issues not only inside but outside the building and issues in some of the bars following these events requiring our police to respond," said Patterson.

"They get into the show, they get worked up, they kind of get the feeling that they are invincible also and they get into fights or arguments out in the middle of the street and it escalates from there," Hastings Police Sgt. Mark Hinrichs said.

"I have talked to people that were at the event where the fights broke out and they were actually concerned for their own safety," said Patterson.

The city says the most recent fight night was the worst, and that it is time to take action.

"Obviously there is a trend of some kind of civil unrest or misbehavior following and during these events, we just don't want it on city property,' Patterson said.

I wonder if they'll pass an ordinance against drinking in your own home while watching MMA on television. After all, its the combination of watching fighting while boozing that makes the aggressive elixir. Or maybe they'll just go after those with big, high-definition televisions. Stay tuned.