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UFC 79 Conference Call Notes

The audio files and notes are up on The most interesting highlights coming from Hughes and Dana. It's really hard not to cheer for Hughes after listening to him.

It will be interesting to see if Hughes decision to leave MFS and open a gym with Robbie Lawler has grown Hughes into a different fighter. I've included Dana White's notes below:

  • White said the injury to Serra just happened, so he hasn't had a chance to figure out everything. The plan is for the Hughes-St. Pierre winner to face Serra for the undisputed title sometime next year. If Serra's herniated disc keeps him out for a prolonged amount of time that impacts the title picture, he might have to think about stripping Serra of the title.
  • White said he was "thrilled" when St. Pierre stepped up and took the fight even though he is only getting five weeks to prepare. "I was on suicide watch for five hours," White said when he found out Serra was injured. "I had the worst and best Thanksgiving ever. Nobody was knocking down the door to fight Hughes on short notice except St. Pierre."
  • "If this were boxing, they would have cancelled the entire card," White said.
  • White said he still hasn't met with Randy Couture to discuss Couture's future with the UFC.
  • White said he has talked to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's manager, Juanito Ibarra, about Jackson's future. "I have big plans for him," White said. "I'm not ready to announce them, right now."