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Clay Guida Sizes Up Roger Huerta

It comes down to competition:

"All his previous wins, no one has pushed him the way I'm going to," stated Guida. "Other guys are mediocre, a couple A-level fighters, mostly B-level fighters and he hasn't faced a champion. I'm really going to be a threat to his game. In all his previous victories he hasn't fought the competition that I have and he hasn't fought Clay Guida."

Huerta has been pushed in his UFC fights, but so has Guida and as "The Carpenter" points out, the level of competition he's faced is significantly higher. Guida also stays low, always looking for the level-change, always looking to pressure opponents with wrestling to keep them back up, fending off his attacks. I believe Huerta will be very game but will eventually come up short. Josh Thomson is a better wrestler than Huerta and even he couldn't stop Guida's relentless attacks and top control. It'll be close, but no cigar.