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A Word About Edith Larente

I find the obsession with this woman - the negative fascination even - to be slightly inexplicable. The claims that she has fake breasts, performed as an escort and the like all prompt me to say: who gives a fuck? Honestly, who gives a flying fuck if a UFC ring girl used to pay the rent by swinging around the gold pole a few times?

I know I've been hounding the UFC about it's low-class image that, in part at least, it helps to cultivate. The Mickey's Replayification is what you might want to call it. But your blue chip sponsor is certainly a more important issue than the sexual proclivities of your ring girl, no? That's not to say the issues aren't related, just that distance between them is significant.

And aside from that, does anyone else get the junior high vibe from all the talk about her? What does it say about a bunch of young men on the Internet that they devote as much time to this as they have? Partly it's their latent - or not so latent - desire to bed down with her, an impulse I readily I understand. But it's the gossipy condemnations that I find objectionable.

Who cares what Edith Larente did prior to holding a card with numbers on it? Is she really that unqualified for a position where the primary responsibility has little to do with holding up numbers at all?